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Understanding the Difference between Insurable and Compensable Business Income 

Business Income coverage is unique because the factors used in calculating the amount of protection the insured is required to purchase differ from the factors used when calculating the amount of compensation owed/paid following a business-closing loss.  Because of the different calculation methods, there is a difference between “insurable” business income and “compensable” business income. 


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What is employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)?

EPLI covers businesses against claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated. The number of lawsuits filed by employees against their employers has been rising. While most suits are filed against large corporations, no company is immune to such lawsuits.


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High and Dry: How Will Legal Marijuana Impact Workers Comp?

Medical Marijuana is legal in 29 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C., and recreational is legal in seven states and D.C. "And there's no end in sight-there will be other states".  At a time when the opioid crisis continues to make headlines, some docto


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PAP Coverage for "Meals on Wheels" Deliveries

I have an insured who delivers Meals on Wheels. One of our companies tells me that it is ineligible for their personal auto program due to the delivery exposure.


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Insurance and Joint Custody of Kids

In situations where you are concerned with legal exposure as a legal guardian, know where to draw the line between insurance advice & legal advice.  Asking the right questions will get you where you need to be.


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Questions to Ask a Contractor

When a home construction or renovation project goes wrong, it’s often because the home owner chose the wrong contractor. Asking these questions can help you find the right one…


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Avoid These 5 Big Medicare Mistakes

Medicare beneficiaries often make costly mistakes during the annual year-end “open enrollment” period during which they are allowed to make adjustments for the following year of coverage. Five common mistakes…


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Debt Collectors Are Digging Up Old Debts 

Collection agencies often buy up delinquent loans and unpaid bills from many years ago and then demand payment from the debtors. But the “zombie debts” these collection agencies try to bring back to life often are so old that consumers have little memory of the bills and whether they were paid. 


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Better Way to Plan for Retirement Health Expenses

Soaring health-care costs can wallop consumers as they get older, even though some expenses remain stable.


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American health care is so messed up that a whole industry has been created to help navigate it

‘It’s a time sink’: Many consumers don’t have the tools to dispute confusing medical bills and more employers acknowledge it’s all too complex


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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Scores

The last time I got up in front of a group to talk about my job, no one had questions for me. It was a high school career day a few weeks ago, and the students stared at me blankly as I dropped words like “personal finance,” “credit scores” and “debt.” I could tell they thought my work wasn’t exciting, that the topics I write about are boring. Everyone was happy when the bell rang to end my session.


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Opinion: Tax Collection Scams are going to get worse 

I’ve written about tax-related crime for years, and have always offered this fail-safe rule to avoid tax scams: If you ever receive a call from the IRS about back taxes or any other money you supposedly owe the government, hang up because it’s a scam.


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Hidden Estate Planning Mistakes That Have Horrible Consequences

Imagine your spouse is ill, and you meet with an estate planning attorney to get your family affairs in order. Your attorney drafts a trust document and a will. You and your spouse sign it. You think everything is fine. 


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How to Protect Your Assets from Creditors and Lawsuits

Your personal assets are vulnerable to the claims of creditors, the government, individuals who might sue you, and, perhaps, an ex-spouse. What can you do to protect them? Here are sound ways to use the tax law and other means to protect your assets…


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E&O Insights: Directors & Officers Liability Is Not Your Normal Insurance Product

If you asked 100 insurance professionals on the agency side what one line of business “scares” them the most, it’s likely that directors and officers (D&O) liability would be at the top. The lack of standardization of policy forms contributes to this anxiety. In addition, lack of real experience or expertise, coupled with the potential for significant judgments, make this a product to be respected and not taken for granted.


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